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Students doing research in certain area of study are always required to write a research proposal explaining what they want to achieve in their research work. A research proposal is very important in research work because it guides the student/researcher on the key areas of study and limits him to certain line research. Research proposals are mandatory in work like dissertation writing because they act as a measure for the researcher to see if he/she achieved the goal in his/her research. For a researcher to publish good dissertation form his research work, he must first come up with a very good research proposal.

A research proposal always precedes dissertation writing. This is because the research proposal carries the original idea form the researcher and an overview of the research work. In as much there are many professional dissertation writers, the researcher must come up with the guidelines of his research at the time of research proposal development. Since dissertation is a publication of very high academic qualification, one must choose his research topic wisely and develop a very good research proposal. Before a researcher is allowed to go on with his research work, his research topic must meet the academic requirements for dissertation writing. The process of writing a dissertation is not easy and requires one to be very smart upstairs. This is because it must pass through a lot scrutiny before it is accepted for publication. Any published work must be original from the writer and all dissertation writers must avoid using other people’s work as their own. This is a requirement for any work that is to be published.



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